January 19, 2012

rhys anthony - four big months!

happy four months, man! 
it's been a fun month! :)

 you are SO much more alert these days.
relaxing in your rocker
or on the boppy, on the couch 
is just NOT fun anymore :(
you're constantly wanting to see what's going on
you LOVE to be held while walking around.

we put you in the activity jumper recently
and you LOVE it! it's a nice change of pace from just laying down i suppose!

you've also discovered your feet this month!
it's so cute to watch you lay on your changer
and pull your feet up and grab them.
if you have socks on your feet - you will manage to chew on them! ;]

& your definitely more vocal these days.
you yell and yell and yell
although you're happy as can be!

in size 2 diapers!
3-6 months clothing - mainly 6 though. 
and still loving those hands. 
any chance you get, they're right in the mouth.
luckily, you'll take the ninny as a substitution!
eating 4-5 oz at a time
and we tried cereal for the first time on your 4 month day! 
you weren't a huge fan at first but once you got used to it
seemed to enjoy!

you are in total teething mode.
i checked earlier and saw your brother didn't get a tooth until SEVEN months.
i will be shocked if you don't get your first tooth before he did.
i already see two white 'bumps' on the bottom!

at your 4 month appt:
15lbs and 13oz [60%]
26 in long. [87%]
& i don't remember the exact head circumference but know it was 50% - so average!

you are SO much fun these days
you're such a sweetheart too!
you love to cuddle and will only fuss if you need something
[food, diaper change or some love]
 and i'm looking forward to what this next month brings!


Jeska said...

aww Addison is so close to finding her feet but haven't grabbed them yet! and it's funny how she was 50% in weight but 2lbs less.. guess it's just a quick average anyway!

Christina said...

He is sooooooooooo adorable!!

Crystal Seed said...

Alright, so like...for real? Could he be any cuter?! And at 4 months, he's already 26in long?!?!?!?!?!??! Dude is gonna be a basketball player! Chloe is 17 months old (almost) and she's only 31 or 32in. Yea, she comes from a short family. LOL!!!