my story

hey! i'm kaley poag. 
i like taking vain selfies, hanging with my giLs, being a mom, being a wife, cooking and going to the beach! 
i used to work for the US Government but after having our second child, decided to give that up to stay home with my boys. now, that's my full time gig. I also sell Arbonne and of course, write on this here blog!  

this is  my crew.
1 giL + 4 dudes = the rogue poags.

my husband (adam) and i have been together since 2002. we married in 2006 and started having these boys in 2009.
kullen (born in '09), rhys (born in '11) and bear (born in '13) are the calm in our storm. or maybe the storms in our calm .. either way, they're our life.

hope you follow along on my little journey of motherhood and all that comes along with it!

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