101 in 1001

a few days ago - i was blog stalking [as always] and stumbled across yet another project that has inspired me! i believe the exact title is called 'the day zero project' but its commonly referred to as '101 in 1001'. what this means is pretty simple ... make a list of 101 things that you'd like to do/see/accomplish in 1001 days! so, basically it's like a 'bucket list' but short term. 1001 days gives you almost THREE years to achieve your set goals. imagine the accomplishment you would feel once you've completed?! ah, i can't HELP but be inspired. i mean maybe i'm a sucker for things like this - but i don't understand how people can find out about this and NOT participate?!
i have been working on my list for a few days and have finally completed it! i can't waiiiiiit to start crossing things off my list! :)

for anyone who wants to check out the website -

i intend on finding some sort of countdown/ticker to put on here to keep track of the days - but, lets just say that starting day is today - May 5, 2010 - cinco de mayooooo! i can't wait to see if i can cross off all 101 things in 1001 days!
so that means i am scheduled to finish Jan 30, 2013 [which just so happens to be my hubby's 29th birthday!]

also - no inparticular order, maybe i'll arrange them one day! ;)

1. watch 26 classic movies, one beginning with each letter of the alphabet
2. plant my garden
3. complete my 365 project
4. paint spare bedroom
5. deep clean my house
6. take a photography class
7. cook my way through an entire cookbook
8. make homemade wine
9. leave USA
10. lose 20 pounds
11. snorkel
12. host a dinner party
13. make a blurb book
14. go fishing, catch a fish and eat it for dinner
15. host a freezer meal party
16. get a tattoo for kullen
17. go to a patriots game at gilette
18. read 10 books on my kindle [10/10]
19. pick berries from a local farm
20. make home made jam with the berries
21. learn to knit
22. spin [at least] once a week
23. complete '26 things' project [as seen here]
24. go to the DC zoo
25. find a local church - that we enjoy
26. sand and paint kitchen cabinets
27. start savings account for kullen
28. cash in change jar and take a trip with the money
29. get lasik surgery
30. get full body massage
31. fill wine rack with collectors
32. go to a live taping of any show
33. learn enough sign language to converse with my coworker
34. quit my job
35. eat at a white castle
36. start and finish a 12 month scrapbook
37. make at least 5 shutterfly books [5/5]
38. go on a trip without the boys
39. go to at least 5 museums in DC [0/5]
40. stomp grapes
41. clean out garage
42. save up and maintain 5,000$ in savings
43. see joss stone in concert
44. attend a food&wine fesitval
45. get big area rug for living room
46. make mail organizer
47. have board game night with friends
48. go golfing with adam
49. make christmas ornaments AND give them out
50. try at least 10 brand new foods [1/10] [[pig snout]]
51. visit and buy from a Whole Foods
52. put at least 10$ away for each goal met [$0.00/$1010.00]
53. go apple picking
54. get something from a thrift/antique store and refurbish it
55. win tickets from a radio station
56. go yard saling
57. mow the grass for adam - ONCE!
58. go to wine country
59. run a 5k
60. go to a drive in movie
61. join or start a book club
62. visit baltimore aquarium
63. buy at least 3 things from Etsy [3/3]
64. attend a midnight premiere of a movie
65. go to an amusement park
66. attend a brad paisley concert
67. build a bird house
68. see a meteor shower
69. go on a pinic
70. visit a farm and milk a cow
71. take a dance class with adam
72. go on a girls weeked trip
73. make ice cream from scratch
74. eat a Maine lobster IN Maine
75. master the 'hard' level on the guitar in rockband
76. play 1 game on ps3 with adam - of his choice
77. make my own sushi
78. host a murder mystery party
79. ride a segway through DC
80. take a gun-safety class with adam
81. enter the chili cookoff
82. go on a nature hike w/ the boys
83. play blackjack at a table in AC
84. attend a 'black-tie' affair
85. complete my marilyn monroe puzzle
86. see and photograph the cherry blossoms
87. attend 1 of each DC sport events - skins, nats, wizards, caps & dc united [0/5]
88. stroll central park
89. visit Massachusett's Ave's Embassay Row
90. be apart of a clinical study
91. run a twilight
92. go on a DC ghost tour
93. open an etsy shop
94. get an ear candle procedure
95. visit wheaton regional park
96. volunteer somewhere
97. put hands in marilyn monroe's handprints
98. see dave matthews in concert
99. do the polar bear plunge
100. have another baby
101. use money from #52 to do #58 and/or #97