January 24, 2012

tuesday tidbits

i need to blog more. it actually make me mad, i SWORE once i was home that i would blog daily. HA. turns out, i don't have all the free time that i thought i would. but, i still think we're just adjusting and it will get easier!

adam & i are leaving our babies for the first time this weekend to go on a ski trip with some of our friends. :) the only time that i've left kullen was when i gave birth to rhys and yeah, well i've never left rhys. it ought to be interesting but i think this is something we both need and are looking forward too.
not to mention, we will be leaving them for a long weekend in june to go to our PEAS wedding so this is like 'practice'. hehe

baby fever. [have you fallen out of your seat?]. a few people around me are knocked up and i couldn't be MORE delighted. that being said, i've already begun thinking about another. we decided that after nicole & ryan's wedding and our trip to FL for that - we will consider trying. until then, playing it safe!

staying home with the boys is definitely all that it's chalked up to be. everyone asks me how i like it and duh, i love it. not only do i love not having to get up and go to work every day, i love that i am waking up to their cute morning breath and crazy-haired faces! 
we are still figuring out our schedules but it is definitely getting easier for us!

rhys is on a morning and night inhaler. he developed a cough around 2 months of age and it has never went away. the inhaler has definitely helped him but he still has spasms at night and in the morning. we're hoping that it clears up very soon, otherwise we'll be testing for asthma.

kullen recently had an ear infection and his pediatrician was concerned at the amount of wax in his ear. she wants him to be seen by an ENT specialists. i'm guessing they will professionally clean them suckers out. if he is still having issues, i guess tubes will be considered. UGH. although i know it's fairly common, it scares me to DEATH. she said he had a few 'bubbles' in his ear so tubes might be likely for him. she also thinks it would help with his speech. [let me tell you, something i was NOT happy to hear but whatever]. see, the thing is, he can talk well and repeat what you say ... it just doesn't sound 100%. a lot of times he doesn't pronounce the first letter of a word. i think it's cute but i guess he wouldn't like it when he's six years old and can't talk like the rest of his friends.

moving on ...
i've added a few things to my etsy shop. i have a few more things to get on there but just haven't yet. i'm also like 3/4 finished with a few others that i just need to finish and add. keep an eye out :)

my baby sister turns twenty one on friday. O.M.G! i cannot believe it. i have seen her twice this month, too! :) i won't be able to see her for her birthday but can't wait until the next time i see her grown up self ;)
speaking of birthdays - the mister turns twenty eight on the 30th! [hence the ski trip we're going on - happy birthday babe!] can't wait to get away with him and his friends for the weekend and then come back and celebrate with our two cute boys! :)

we, in the poag household, are SUPER excited for the superbowl! my patriots are IN it to WIN it! and lets just hope they do, otherwise i'll be a mad mrs. poag!

i've still been doing bikram - but slacked off there for a while around the holidays. last week, i actually had to leave class early! :( first time i ever had too. i find that when i'm home with the kids - i forget to eat. i am too distracted with the kids and trying to clean or organize things that if i eat anything, it's the leftover of kullen's lunch! so, i've been working on remembering to eat, at least lunch, every day!

i am sure there are other things going on that i just can't think of at the moment! but i have a little that keeps 'stirring' so i'm gonna go tend to him!
i swear, i'm going to be better at blogging. 
i've got some food blogs, crochet blogs and 'i saw, i pinned, i DID' blogs comin your way so don't write me off just yet! :)

and of course, because he's cute:


Crystal Seed said...

Rhys is just too darn cute! I can't get over how big he's getting! Also, Chloe just recently got over her first ear infection, and the dr said that she had a lot of wax in her ears too. There was no "tubes" talk....so I'm just hoping that we won't have to go down that road. Good luck on your first time away from the babes!!! I hope it goes good and you guys have a fabulous time!

Nicole said...

Woooo Hoooo your PEAS are gettin' hitched :) So excited I made your blog....Love you PEA!!!!!