January 9, 2012


happy monday! :)

i am being featured over at great expections today!
head on over and check out my quick recipe of the week!

when kyna emailed me and asked if i wanted to participate
there was no question!
my blog started off as partially a cooking blog
and i have totally lost focus of that.
i am looking forward to much more recipe posts
and continuing to cook my way through an entire cookbook!

let kyna know you're visiting from rogue poags!
and definitely make sure to let me know if you try my recipe
and if you like it!


Unknown said...

Congrats on the feature! I too started my blog off as a partial foodie blog and I have got off course in the last year, but I hope to get some new stuff up this year! So you and me...2012 we get back to our foodie recipe sharing ways!!

SV said...

just checked out your etsy shop! cute stuff kaley!!! nice work :-) I'd love to have you over in my little corner of blog land!