January 7, 2012


here in our house, we have a little christmas tradition.
while everyone else is leaving milk & cookies for santa ....
we leave him a little something else.
chex mix and sweet tea to be exact.
this tradition was started by my dad.
AKA: santa [when i was little anyway ...]
he was never a 'milk and cookies' kinda guy
but could make a mean chex mix and would punish some sweet tea.
SO - it was only natural that is what we would leave him
er, i mean .... santa! ;]
so, now that i have kids of my own
and will be eating that late night christmas-eve treat
the tradition will live on.

kullen even helped me make it this year!
and of course we had to sample the sweet tea 
and make sure it was sweet enough for mama
er, i mean ... santa!

i even drank some of the tea and left 'crumbs'
to make it seem real ...

so christmas morning when i showed kullen that santa had eaten most
he took it upon himself to finish what santa had left! ;]
silly boy ...

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Just Jen said...

How cute! Would you share your chex mix recipe?