January 5, 2012

memories,dreams & reflections [11]

welcome to memories, dreams & reflections - two thousand and eleven style!

1. Me! 
definitely most proud of having another baby and suffering through labor [even though i caved a little over an hour before he was born and got the epidural]. giving birth to rhys was amazing and i am definitely proud!

2. I Love You 
hub and kids. 
love <3

3. Still Laughing... 
atlantic city. lezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbehonest!

4. Winter Wonderland 
i am fairly sure that we got snow jan/feb of 2011
but i don't have any pictures of it
this is the closest to winter wonderland ;]
ICE @ the gaylord national harbor 2011.

5. Birthday 
my loves planned a day trip for my birthday, limo included.
we had an absolute BLAST!
best birthday ever.

6. Friends 
my b's :)
i'm obviously missing a few though. 
i swear one day i'll get a picture with ALL of my friends in it!

7. I Was Inspired... 
by this woman!
girlfran can put together some stuff, that's for sure.
she threw me an AMAZING baby shower and i only wish i had HALF of her creativity! 

8. Spring Fever 
WITW 2011
always the kick off of spring!

9. Travel or Vacation 
myrtle beach  - our last trip as a family of three!
10. Summer Days 
community pool, where most days are spent!

11. A Day In My Life 
couch time with both boys is a daily staple!

12. All Smiles 
this kid has a very contagious smile :)

13. Autumn Harvest 
an impromtu trip to a local pumpkin patch/farm shortly after rhys was born!
we got locally grown apples and honey too!

14. Family or Home 
how about both?
the entire family AT home! rare moment here ;)

15. Celebrate!
kullen turned two!!!
we had an awesome 'yo gabba gabba' themed party and big boy partied hard!

16. Let's Do It Again... 
kindergarten reunion. SUCH a blast!

17. I Miss You  
my pea. miss her all the time!

18. Beautiful 
[she also could have fallen into the above category!]

19. Dress Up 
me and the hub all dressy for our friends wedding!

20. Macro -
lunch break trip to the botanical gardens in DC. 

21. Holidays 
kullen digging into his presents on christmas morning.
it was SO awesome to see him 'get it' this year!

22. My Favorite 
[thing/memory of 2011]
becoming a mother twice over!

23. Don't Ever Change 
these kids ... and their love for me, each other and life in general.

24. Just Because...So There! 
mustaches were the 2011 thang!

25. Hopes and Dreams 
hope this year brings great things for my boys! they deserve the best.

looking back on last years prompts - i'd say this was a great year.
i even achieved my hopes and dreams' category!
i am SO looking forward to 2012 and seeing what it holds for me and the boys!


Ashley Sisk said...

It really does look like you had a fantastic year. I hope that you have an even better 2012.

Nicole said...

Pea....that was purrfect and I just about lost it when I saw our picture. Miss you tons. You are so very lucky to have such an amazing family. Love you and hopefully we'll be seeing each other soon. XOXOXO