June 7, 2011

blah blah blahhh!

 i am totally addicted to the casey anthony trial.
i mean TOTALLY!
i have CNN Live on my computer at work and anytime i can [meaning, anytime the hub doesn't sigh and complain TOO loudly] the tv at home is on HLN!
i always regretted not watching the OJ Simpson trial, although i was a little younger when that occurred, so now that i have the chance to watch a national headlining trial - i am ALL about it.
i wish i was a juror SO badly. or even the judge or attorney! 
it all interest me SO much. 
the evidence, the objections, the examine and cross-examining, the witnesses, the emotion, the LACK of emotion shown by casey - EVERYTHING.
i think she is TOTALLY guilty, regardless of her story. 
even IF sweet caylee DID drown and even if it WAS an accident - that sorry excuse for a mother and even sorrier excuse for a person COVERED. IT. UP. 
she deserves death. 
eye for an eye. 
regardless of her trial here on earth - the one she will face on [the real] judgement day will be A LOT worse.
here's to caylee. may her murderous mother be found guilty for what she did and may her sweet grandmother have SOME peace. 

for anyone addicted as me - you can watch the live feed of the trial


i am having a hard time grasping that my son will be TWO in 12 days.
while i am excited about all the new things we will face this upcoming year, it makes me sad that he won't be my littlest baby anymore :(
we had a blast with him at the beach, watching him play in the sand and KNOW what certain things were [pool, especially].

it's party planning time as well!
i've gotten all my ideas together, ink for the printer and the silhouette all set up and ready to go! i just need to get a few more things from the craft store [card stock mainly] and i'll be gettin this show on the road! ;]

it's bittersweet having an 'almost' 2 year old. 
that's all i can say, really.

while in myrtle beach last week, i fell in love all over again. 
with cheerwine.
poor rhys - had to suffer through my caffeine intake! 
but, i seriously couldn't resist. i figured he'd be okay since it's only ONE week out of like the entire 9 month incubation period he's in there!
i also re-fell in love with sonic slushies, the original benjamin's buffet, hot/fresh krispie kreme donuts and of course painters ice cream! 
gosh, and i wonder why i'm so HUGE! ;]

i am still battling with my working situation. 
i definitely want to be a SAHM - and i REALLY want to do it NOW but know i need to work until after rhys is born, even if it's only to maintain both health insurances and ensure at least 6 weeks paid maternity leave. 
selfish, right?
there really shouldn't be any question about after he is born but part of me feels very guilty about giving up such a great job when i know other people out there don't have it as good as me. 
then again, i know that i'm still young and have my entire life ahead [after raising my babies] to work. 
i think i am afraid of struggle. 
i know that we can survive on one income but i also know it will be challenging, especially at first. we will have to give up A LOT of things and i'm afraid i will regret my decision. 
i also know, the Lord provides and it's not like we'll go unfed or anything like that! 
it's just the spending freedom that we i currently have, will be gone. 
oh well, only time will tell what the real decision will be!

i REALLLLLLLY want adam to paint one wall of rhys' room like this:
i don't think it's going to fly!
i think both of us are thinking we'll be lucky to even get paint on the walls before he arrives! 

i'm jonesing for organization!
gimme some organization tips, people!! 
adam and i spent a good 45 minutes on sunday searching for the upload cord for our video camera. we seriously bought that thing like 3 weeks ago, how did we lose it already? and we KNEW we brought it to the beach with us meaning that it could have only been in a few places and sure enough, we were struggling to find it.
i told him we needed to go out and buy a gillion totes and label everything and put all cords in one, all CDs in one, all warranties in one and so on and so forth.
i don't care if my house would be covered in totes, at least i'd be organized!!!

and lastly - how cute are these two? ;)


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Yay for 25 weeks! Love all the updates!! That wall for the baby room is awesome!!!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Those two guys are cute as two bugs in a rug. Wait is that really cute???? They sure are. Kaley I try to put my cords in a ziplock bag and write on them with a black marker. Works pretty good. I have a zillion cords. 3 cameras, 2 car chargers for the phone, and then our wall chargers. I have 2 computer charger cords, and then there's the gps charger. cords, cords, cords. Gotta have them for your toys.