June 8, 2011

garden update

who's got two thumbs that are green??
or maybe this girl's husband!
or maybeee it's too early to tell and everything will flop today after posting this!
who knows! :)

you may remember this POST
when we finally planted the garden
and hub got busy tearing apart re-doing our side yard!
[if not - go take a peek so you can see the progression!]
this is how it looks now! ain't she a beaut'! 

when we got back from Myrtle
i was ASTONISHED to see how BIG my plants had gotten!
we should have some fruit/veggies SOON! 
or at least, i'm hoping!

check out these 'mater plants. 

& check out that wittle strawberry!
now, i don't know the SLIGHTEST about strawberries 
and definitely picked up these plants for .50cents on the clearance rack!
so just the fact there is a fruit on the plant makes me happy!
even if it never turns red! ;]

cute little flower on my zucchini plants!

and here is what our side yard looks like now!
check out that GRASS!
and all that fun area for kullen to run around and explore.
in the previous post, i didn't get that great of a 'before' shot 
but - it was ALL woods and NO grass! 
PTL for grass seed! ;]
[and a husband who waters the lawn even when we're under tornado watches!]

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

Thats awesome!! The yard looks great!