June 7, 2011

25 weeks

time is seriously flying
it's SO hard to believe that i am 25 weeks pregnant
in roughly three months
my rhys will be here and i will become a mother of TWO

things are going good, still. 
i am still feeling pressure and feeling HUGE
but aside from that
this pregnancy has been great. 
i know that i shouldn't complain about anything
considering what some go through
so i won't. 

rhys is a very active kid, already.
he moves ALL day long and even though sometimes it can be uncomfortable
i enjoy every minute of it. 

night time is the worst for me. 
each night when i lay down to go to bed
i feel [what feels like] contractions
they are likely braxton hicks contractions as they are not consistent or extremely painful
but still definitely uncomfortable non-the-less.

i go for my glucose test in a few weeks.
with kullen, i failed the first one
[but passed the 3hr one]
i am hoping this one goes smooth and i pass on the first time
because seriously, who wants to sit for 3hrs and get blood work every hour!?

i'm itching [literally]
for another sonogram!
i won't be sent for any further ones, medically
so i will have to pay out of pocket, if i choose to do so. 
likely, i will because i want to see hims cute face!!!

we still haven't started on his room :/
but intend on doing so ASAP!
we plan to strip the border that is currently in his room
as well as sand/prime/paint [or PREP for paint at least]
within the next few weeks. 

his 'sprinkle' is in the works 
thanks to my bff mandee
she has sent me some of her ideas and i cannot wait to see it all put together!

needless to say
things are good! 
rhys seems to be one healthy, active baby 
and although it sometimes takes a toll on mama
i wouldn't have it any other way :)

one of my besties christina and myself.
this was taken sunday at her baby shower!
she is around 31 weeks pregnant 
we are both having boys :)


Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

You are both beautiful and rocking your bellies!! Makes me want one BAD ;)

I would love if you linked up to our link party for Moms ;) It's titled "Help a Momma Out," on J&M's Eye Candy. Thank you for your consideration!!

Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday ;)


Kaylee said...

You look wonderful!
I just had to do my 3 hour test too, which came back normal. It definitely sucks. I hope your hour test goes well.