March 21, 2011

accident prone

yep, that's my son.
i feel like he's been through the ringer when it comes to injuries and he isn't even two.
over the weekend, he had yet another!

saturday, we went to dinner for mandee's birthday down in annapolis.
we dropped kullen off [for the first time - and by that i mean, the first time he has been babysat, outside of daily daycare, outside of our house] at his grandma's. all his cousins were there so we figured he was in for a fun filled night! fun = bumps/bruises/blood for our son. haha!

anyway - we got a call that evening that something had happened. while playing with his cousins, an off-hinge door slide down and caught his toe. :( grandma thought it might be broken but we decided against the ER trip because we all know there is nothing that can be done for a broken toe. his toenail however, will probably be lost.

turns out the toe isn't broken at all! he was mobile all day yesterday and only had a few 'incidents' when he ran over it while on his truck and kicked a few things! he is our little tough man, that's for sure! both adam and i keep telling ourselves that all these things are going to make him so much stronger but it's so hard to see your baby boy hurting!

although he won't let us touch it much, we were able to soak it in peroxide/water yesterday for a good 20 or so minutes and it looked so much better afterwards. hims little toenail will probably fall off here soon but he is taking it like a champ!

i kept telling him yesterday 'watch your toe!!!' and instead of being careful, he would just look down at his toe as if to 'watch' it! ;] funny little dude!


Diana said...

Poor little guy! But you're right - this is just gonna make him such a tough guy :) That's so cute that he would look down and "watch it" lol.

Unknown said...

holy toe. Those pictures make me hurt :/

Laurie J said...

awwww, poor little guy!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

WOW! Now you'll never wanna leave him again lol. Poor lil man. Glad he is okay!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Poor sweet kullen. I shivered when I saw it. These hurts are hard on grandmas too, especially when they're in your care. Paige broke her finger here the night before her gymnastic recital on grandy's chair. She was doing a cartwheel on the foot rest part. Manda had to have stitches in her heard, because she was climbing up in the closet. I felt terrible. Kullen is like Grandy, he said he worked his guardian angel overtime before he was 5 years old. Can't wait to see him. I will kiss that toe.