March 23, 2011

fourteen weeks! ;]

helllllo second trimester!
excuse the bathroom pictures. i wanted to get this blog posted before i hit 15wks so i had to run to the bathroom at work to snap one!

How Far Along: 14wks, 2 days
Total Weight Gained: still don't know :/ i don't get on scales at home. ha!
Sleep: yes, please! i am still SUPER tired as soon as it gets dark.
Best Moment of the Week: officially hitting my 2nd trimester :]
Food Cravings: icecream and fast food. nice, huh.
Food Aversions: still eggs. :/
Symptoms: fatigue [but it has gotten a little better], constipation [tmi, sorry] and 'growing pains' whenever i sneeze or get up too quickly.
Hubby's Symptoms: nothing, still.
Movement: flutters only [which is still probably gas, haha]
Gender: haven't found out yet!
What I miss: coffee. decaf coffee [made at home anyway] just doesn't taste the same. thank God for decaf starbucks ;]
What I'm looking forward to: finding out the sex and then shopping/decorating! oh, and getting a little bigger so i can get in maternity pants! ha!
Weekly Wisdom: [to myself] take your prenatal!! i've already forgotten a day :/
Milestones: second trimster and not giving in to [every] horrible craving! ;]


also linking up [for the first time evaaa] at The Pleated Poppy for wiww!

shirt: ross
blank tank: kohls
pants: old navy
shoes: target


Sandy a la Mode said...

you are one fashionable momma to be! congrats!!

the tiny twig said...

cute! i'm with you on not weighing yourself at home...who needs that??! :) i'm about 30ish weeks right now, and i'm getting to the point of being ready to be done! you look darling with your little baby bump. :)

the tiny twig said...

shoot! it didn't link to my site.

Morgan said...

You look great! I love your little bump and you are so stylish!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love how you have "hubby's symptoms" in there too...LOL.. that made me giggle. :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Beautiful momma! & love the outfit!