June 29, 2010

the DC zoo

24. go to the DC zoo .... CHECK! ;)
watch out jessi @ caterpillar family - i'm catching up!

this past weekend we braved the 100 degree heat and took kullen to the dc zoo! we had actually taken him in october for boo @ the zoo but he was only 4 months old and slept the entire time - so i was really excited to take him back now that he's older and definitely more alert!
despite the heat, we had a blast on our little family outing!

kullen with the otters [not sure about that caution tape?]

thirsty boy already!

he's not sure of this brass panda - but it's famous at the zoo!

where should we go next?

me and my boy ... gazelle's behind us!

my favorite animal just happened to be running around the zoo, wild :D

daddy and kullen with mr. elephant!

momma and kullen with mr. elephant!

kullen was kinda fascinated with these horses :)

kullen and the lion. rawwwr!

eating animal crackers at the zoo ... irony? ;]

daddy and hims boy!

mama and kullen in the rain forest!

zoo. 06.26.10

zoo. 06.26.10

and on the way home from the zoo - we stopped at B&J's icecream, YUM! neither adam nor myself had been there in YEARS and we were happy about taking kullen for his FIRST time! he shared my swirled icecream cone with me :)

& he LOVED it - infact, he got jealous anytime i would get some! ;]
check out that face!!! my goodness! ;]

so, our trip to the zoo and B&J's was great!!! not only did i get to cross something off my 101 list, i was able to spend an entire day with my two loves <3


Unknown said...

These pictures are awesome! Looks like Mr. Man had a great time :) :)

Aquarium soon?

kaley said...

definitely aquarium ... it'll be nice and COOL inside ;] haha

daniii♥ said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Awesome pictures!

Jenn said...

Aww that picture of him looking at the panda bear cracks me up! He's so cute!