June 29, 2010

just another reason to LOVE blogging ...

as if you needed another, right?!!!

but, as you can tell, from roughly HALF my blog posts, i LOVE giveaways :) i hope to one day host my OWN giveaway but until then, i'll continue to enter and hope to win. and that i did :)

i entered a giveaway over at NYC Island Gal for a beautiful Mosaic Photo Frame from Memories in Mosaics. I browsed Christine's etsy shop and loved all her designs and imagined all these cute mirrors and frames in random places of my house! ;) so, needless to say - i am THRILLED to be the winner. i am even MORE thrilled because of HOW i won it - TWITTER! :D i have to admit, i am somewhat LOST when it comes to twitter. i made an account a year or so ago but rarely used it because i didn't really get it! but, after seeing a few giveaways and realizing you can get extra entries for retweeting the giveaway - i quickly jumped back on and got my extra entry on :D and it paid off!!! HORRRAYYY twitter! haha!

so, i'm not just posting this to brag ;) BUUUUUT to encourage you all to enter some giveaways and make the most of your blogging. not only are you getting something for FREE - you are able to support home-made crafts (majority of the time) and get the word out about their product. so when people come to my house and see my cute mosaic picture frame and asked where i got it - i can refer them to Memories in Mosaics :)

anyway - thanks SO much to Island Gal and Memories in Mosaics for this awesome win! :D

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Unknown said...

Congrats! I am SO making a twitter account tonight :)