June 25, 2010

#27 ... check!

27. start savings account for kullen

cross it off, it's done! :)

kullen's FIRST birthday was saturday, the 19th, and my coworker [vern] gave him a personal check. She made the check out to him so that i was forced to open him his OWN account and not just deposit it into my account and spend it ;) she knows me SO well!!!
so, yesterday i went downstairs to my credit union and opened him his very own kids savings account! :) they even gave him a little blue piggy bank to commemorate it!

so, hubby and i decided anytime mr. man gets money - it will be deposited into his account and remain untouched! the neat little perk that my credit union offers is that they give 5$ a year for not have any insufficent funds - so being that this is a savings account and won't be used, he will get a 5$ bonus each year! so, if he doesn't touch his account until he's 18 - that's an extra 90$ for doing absolutely nothing! BAHA!! :D

so, all in all i'm proud of myself for crossing something off my list and proud for kullen who has his very own savings account at the big age of ONE! :)


Amanda Tempel said...

Hey There! :)

I'm following from new friend friday! I hope you'll stop by and follow me too.

-Amanda T

daniii♥ said...

That's great! We took all the money M got for her birthday and bought us all season passes to the zoo for the year! We also got her a couple pairs of shoes with it, too. :)

Joy said...

Awesome idea!

Unknown said...

My dd has piggy banks full of money at her great grandpa's. I need to bring them here and put them in an account for her too. She tells me all the time I need to save my money, maybe I need to help her save hers too :)

Stopping by from Monday Mingle. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Robyn | Add a Pinch said...

That's a wonderful plan! Just imagine how much he'll have saved by his college graduation. I will tell you, when they get a little older, they get more and more money from friends and family for special occasions. They realize it, too! We had to at least half it with our son, but I hope you do better than we did!

Good luck.

Thanks for joining in on Mingle Monday!

Wilmary S. said...

You won my giveaway!!!!!!!!

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