June 30, 2010

but, i love you more

64. attend a midnight premiere of a movie


unfortunately, i know no pictures to go along with this post because well, it was MIDNIGHT, i was tirrrred and i was in a movie theatre!! ;]
buuut last night, i went to the midnight premiere of Eclipse <3 and believe it or not, i think i was one of the ONLY edward fans in the building! finnneeeee by me! :)

we got to the theatre around 11:00pm and it was already PACKED! it was showing in two [or possibly even more] rooms and thankfully shannnon had some friends up there that saved seats for everyone. so we got our drinks, made our way to our seats and impatiently waited for it to begin!

finallllllly - it was time! and despite being deaddddd tired - i couldn't even bare to blink! it was SOOOOO good! of course, there were left out parts, but overall - they nailed it. the volturi were awesome and of course, the kullens were too. the only thing that was awful, was the wolves. they should have used real ones ;] buuuuut despite that, no complaints. i could stare at those beautiful cullens alllll day long - and even the quileutes hot bods. ;]
the action seens were AMAZING as well.
basically - it rocked my sockkks off and i seriously want to go see it again and again. it blew twilight and new moon OUT OF THE WATER!!!!

and on top of that - i got to cross another thing off my list!

AND made it to work -just a tad late! ;]

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