September 25, 2014

bear - 10 months

i was late doing this update, so i won't post much! 
[i also checked back on my rhys updates and realized that i was late with his 10 month post. must be something about that age! haha]
at 10 months, you offically started walking!
you also clap on demand and are learning to wave. you haven't quite figured out to do it on demand, but you're learning.

a huge milestone this month - TEETH! your bottom left popped up and shortly after your two front teeth came in! just before turning 11 months, you got the right bottom leaving you with 4 big teeth!! :)
 you are such a smiley boy. seriously, you're never upset unless you want something (which is usually food or a butt change!)
 you love to be talked too and you really love big brother kullen!
and you've still got the best eyelashes and cutest one dimple!

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