September 30, 2014

bear - 11 months

it makes me sad that this is the last post i'll be writing before you're ONE. how has an entire year passed already? it seems it went way to quickly this go round.

throughout your 11 months - your teeth continued to come in. you now have some big chompers! but nothing new!
[you can sorta see those teefers there!]
and as for walking - no, more like RUNNING. you are SO quick! it seems one day you were taking a few steps here and there and the next you were practically running away from everyone!

you can say mama, dada, and bubba (for kullen) and we're working on rhys. occasionally we'll get an 'all done' type word - and you've begun attempting to repeat things your brothers try to get you to say. you don't get the actual word yet, but you're getting the sounds.
you are also saying 'hi dada' while waving when dada comes home from work.
speaking of - you absolutely LOVE your dada. when he comes home from work, you run over to him and fall into his arms. and if he leaves the room at anytime, you lose it. but don't get me wrong, you're very much a mama's boy during the day! :)
you're also very attached to kullen. he's usually the one to go in your room when you wake up and you get SO excited. you love when he sings to you as well!
weight: 25-27lbs
height: 30 inches
you can drink through a straw, which you've been doing for a few months now i just don't think i've mentioned it.
you've quickly outgrown your 9 month clothes and are barely squeezing into your 12 month!
you're still the happiest baby. i hope you stay that way forever!

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