September 23, 2014

rainbow cake!

On saturday, we celebrated my bestest friend Gina's 30th birthday! I knew that I wanted to make her an epic cake. I also knew that I wanted it to be RAINBOW! I set my sites on pinterest and found TONS of tutorials.  
I also found a lot of skepticism regarding rainbow cakes. Saying most pictures were photoshopped and your cake would not turn out like theirs. 
IT DIDN'T MATTER! I was on a mission. 
I set out making my cakes. I used 3 cakes (Betty Crocker White Cake). I mixed up the first and divided into two equal parts. I added food coloring and baked. I repeated that process two more times to get all six layers! 
[this is what my cakes looked like. i was nervous because the purple looked more brown.]

anyway, once everything was cool I began to stack the cakes. I put a very thin layer of green icing in between the layers to hold everything together. I did one layer of icing all over and put in the fridge for about an hour. The icing hardened up and I was able to do another layer to make it a tad nicer looking! I added the skittles into a rainbow for fun! 
I was SO nervous when she began to cut into it. I just knew the cakes were going to be ugly!
[this is absolutely NO photoshop, taken with my iPhone at night!]
I don't always toot my own horn but for a cake like this, it has to be done. If I can make this cake - seriously, anyone can! And it's perfect for any occasion, for any person! 

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