July 22, 2014

ten on tuesday!

[i'm still not sure if i'm supposed to link this up somewhere!]

1. i read an entire book last night. Complicit. it was VERY strange. it was one of those reads that you just keep reading so you can know what happens at the end? i mean i guess all books are that way, but i didn't find myself REALLY enjoying the book … i just wanted it to be over.

2. i have done #20choretuesday (find it on instagram or twitter!) for the past 2 tuesdays. and REALLY cleaned my house. it's so exhausting but i like having 20 things written down on paper and crossing them off. they're not always super hard but i did throw some annoying ones in there this week [like scrubbing the cabinets and cleaning my tub!]

3. bear has been asleep for over 3 hours now. i keep checking on him but i guess he's just not ready to get up.

4. speaking of, rhys is also asleep. fell asleep right on the floor. tonight should be FUN.

5. i didn't go to the gym for like 2 weeks [lazy week and then female week, haha] and it's been SO hard getting back in. i literally dread it every morning but i feel great afterwards. i really want to be in a bikini by vacation.

6. ah, vacation! it's in 38 days and i'm so excited! we had two other families interested so they're coming and now our house is full. if you know me, you know i love a full house! i'm really glad too because the other two families have kids that are the same ages as my kids! should be a really good time!

7.  our laptop broke. ugh. we're going to try to get our neighbor to take a look at it, but i'm not optimistic about it. a while ago the screen started bouncing around which was really annoying, but it worked. then coffee got spilled on it and now the mouse doesn't show up. i really want a macbook but don't want to spend the money.

8. kullens chin is healing up! but it's gonna be a nasssssty scar. ugh.

9. i have back to back get togethers this week. wednesday my friend stephanie is having a multi-vendor thing and i'm going to bring my arbonne wellness! and on thursday, my friend mande j is having a lularoe party (i'm also bringing my arbonne!). excited for some girl time! and adam is going golfing with the husbands on wednesday - so everyone is happy! 

10. i'm looking forward to a NON busy weekend! we have a few things planned, but nothing crazy! it'll be niiiiice!