July 14, 2014

bear grows - first 6 months!

i'm not exactly sure where my mind has been or why i haven't been doing monthly updates on my little bear. so, i'm going to do a recap on the first 6 months on this post. then i'll play catch up on monthly posts starting with 6 months - you know, the age where things get fun! ;)
as you can see, bear started to fill out between 3-4 months. right around there is when i began to really supplement with formula because he wasn't ever satisfied with nursing and we really discovered his tongue tie. 
shortly after turning 4 months, we scheduled surgery to have bears tongue clipped.
and apparently, i got no good pictures on our 5 month shoot. awesome. 
but, you can see - filling out, gaining weight .. we had totally quit nursing by 5 months :(
by 6 months - he was almost where he should be for weight/height.
he was also sitting up, babbling and blowing raspberries! :)

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rene said...

he really has grown so much in the past two months! grow baby, grow!