July 16, 2014

bear - 7 months

seven months!
some quick updates:
you're a professional sitter! 
and you absolutely LOVE when people interact with you.
immediate smile from ear to ear!
you've begun rocking and scooting a bit here and there!
 you're VERY chunky!
we like to call you 'fat boy!' ;)
 you still have those eyes.
you know the ones that could get you out of a murder conviction!
you have known how to bat those lashes from the day you were born, i swear.
 you're generally a very happy baby. 
you love to play with toys, eat and sleep!
the only time you cry is when you're hungry, tired or hurt (which tends to happen with two older brothers!)
 an estimated weight/height would be
18-ish pounds
25-ish inches long!
you're still, of course, eating your bottles but in addition we've tried lots of food. 
green beans, applesauce, sweet potatoes, yobaby yogurt.
most of the time, i let you try whatever soft foods we have - including green beans, sweet potatoes, pasta, bread, bananas, and avocado. 
you have no teeth though, so i keep it soft! ;)
 it's been a good month, dude. 
you are probably the most loved kid in the family - everyone adores you! 

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