July 13, 2014

kullen and the chin

saturday started out like a normal day … spent majority of it at the pool and then packed up and headed to hang with some friends! it was a "ladies night" but some of kullen's friends were going to be there so i decided to bring him and rhys along! 
they wanted to get into the hot tub and although i didn't bring their bathing suits, i told them they could go in their undies. the people next-door even did some fireworks.
this picture was taken around 9:11pm.
this picture was taken around 9:16pm.
see, what happened after that first picture is kullen decided to do a backwards somersault and somehow hit his chin on the bottom step. 
he didn't panic so i didn't really either. until i saw this. 
i knew it was going to have to be stitched. so, i called my husband to see if he wanted me to take him right away or meet him (to drop rhys off versus taking him to the ER). we decided that i would meet him at our local ER. 
this isn't the worse part of the story though. 
as i'm driving to meet my husband, i get into a "fender bender". 
i was stopped at a red light which had turned green. as i took my foot off the break,  i thought i heard kullen say something so i glanced back and BAM, right into the car in front of me. i was barely going 5mph so there was hardly damaged but still. 
after explaining to the kid to hurry and give me his info/call the cops/whatever he wanted to do because i was trying to get my kid to the ER, i still had to wait a little bit for all that accident nonsense. 
i finally made it to the hospital around 10:00 and sign in. the ER is packed. 
around midnight - we make it back to triage where i explained what happened. we asked if they were going to stitch it right away since it had happened a few hours ago and the nurse said she wasn't sure and that we'd have to wait to see the doctor and he would make the call. 
fast forward 2hrs … 2:00am and we're all half asleep and super cranky. i asked my husband to check in with the front desk to see if he could tell us anything. 
after talking to the guy for a bit, adam came back explaining that there were still 13 people ahead of us and by the time we would be seen, it would be too late to stitch him up. so, we decided to leave.
as you can see, he probably reaaaaally needed stitches. we're doing our best to keep it clean and closed and actually it seems to be improving somewhat.
we're lucky that we have a (scheduled) doctors visit tomorrow so that i can have his doctor check him out and make sure we're doing the right things for it. 
so, at 5 years old - kullen escaped stitches (by the hair of his chiny chin chin.) har. har. har! 

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