November 5, 2012

halloween 2012

kullen decided on his own costume this year. he wanted to be a pirate. 

i thought it was cool that he picked something and wanted him to be proud of his decision so i agreed.  i couldn't decide for the life of me what to do for rhys though. so i browsed the halloween store and found a parrot costume. OMG - how fitting. not only is rhys a little parrot these days, copying everything you say - but a parrot matches a pirate! pirates usually have parrots right? squaaaaawkk!

anyway - we had a fun halloween this year. lasting much longer than normal. with a halloween party for the kids, trunk or treat at kullen's school, actual trick or treating around our neighborhood and then a halloween-like party at kullen's school where he got to wear his costume one last time!

here is a big overload of pictures: ;)
 kullen the pirate and his friend jr the ninja turtle!!

& these were some of the goodies from ashley's halloween party!

happy [late, as always] halloween! ;)

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