November 6, 2012

a favorite things party

i had seen this idea on pinterest a few dozen times but it really didn't sink in until i saw ashley's post about the one she went too. 
it seemed like such a FUN party - and let's face it, it was a great excuse for me to throw a party!

the girls came, we ate, drew names and exchanged our some of our favorite things!
i made most all of my favorite party foods such as:
rice krispie treats
basil, mozzarella & tomato skewers
5 flavor pound cake
southwest egg rolls
banana pudding cupcakes
bread with tuscany dipping oil
taco dip
-- we also had some tastefully simple dips and beer bread from heather and chocolate chip dip from kathy!--

some of our favorite things exchanged:
starbucks gift card
pedicure essentials - scrubs, polish and clippers
bubble bath and eye mask
lip glosses
mason jar, coffee, nail polish, hair product and room spray
dry shampoo with hair spray
crackle nail polish with candy
cupcakes and kitchen utensils
handmade earrings
journal with a pen
nail polishes
[as well as plenty more goodies that i am sure i am forgetting] 

can't wait to do it again! 

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Unknown said...

Looks like a great time! What a fun idea!