November 5, 2012


a couple months back, i was introduced to a product called Arbonne. it was mostly skin care but then i learned they had a wellness line. after talking and talking about it - i decided to host a party, mainly for information on the wellness - and for host rewards! needless to say - i ended up getting the 3o day feeling fit kit - a body cleanse - along with a few other awesome products. after much debate, i decided that a 30 day cleanse was a little MUCH for me - considering i had never done one before. i decided that i would break the cleanse down into three 10 day cleanses - doing a 7 day cleanse in between. 
[difference between 10 day and 7 day is the 7 day is a drink that you drink throughout the entire day ... where as the 10 day is protein shakes and gluten/dairy free dinner - *in my own nutshell]

so, today is DAY ONE. 

8:00am:  half vanilla, half chocolate protein shake (breakfast)
10:00am: pomegranate fizzy stick
11:30am: one chocolate fit chew
12:30pm: half vanilla, half chocolate protein shake with half a banana added (lunch)
2:30pm: one chocolate fit chew
6:15pm: 4oz chicken breast with basil, mushroom & garlic and 1cup coconut, almond quinoa. (dinner -- recipe to follow)
7:00pm: 1 cup herbal detox tea

9:00am - 10 minutes cardio. various exercises (squat jumps, high knees, jumping jacks, butt kicks) as well as 50 crunches.
this doesn't seem like much but for someone who doesn't work out at all - it's a start. 

i'm also debating joining the new planet fitness that is about to open for only $10 a month OR purchasing this instead. a bigger part of me is leaning towards the exercise bike at home. planet fitness is a good deal but they don't have a daycare. i'd have to wait until adam got home and go which can sometimes be stressful on us both. having a bike at home would allow me to get 30-45 minutes of cardio while kullen is at school. 

why am i doing this cleanse? i know it's not the answer to my problems - but i think it will be a good start for me. 10 days of restrictions is going to be tough for me but will allow me to realize there are plenty of good WHOLESOME foods - not just processed/boxed things.

i have really been stressing about the ONE meal a day that isn't planned for me. you'd think i'd be excited. i really love to cook and love the taste of a good meal so it's tough with so many restrictions. (example: i can't throw teriayki sauce on my chicken. i can't use a packet of taco seasoning - or even have tacos for that matter because i can't have tortillas, cheese, sour cream or even meat - BLAH!) i know that once i get in a routine of exercising and eating healthier - i will be able to eat that stuff again. i do not have a gluten or dairy allergy but for the purpose of the cleanse, i can't have it.

i plan on keeping a day-to-day diary of this cleanse. 
today has been really rough mentally more than anything. knowing that i can't have chick-fil-a or chocolate for 10 days feels like it's the worst thing in the world but i know how silly that is and am determined to get through these next 10 days with a happy attitude. 
if not, i'll use an extra pump of my prolief hormone cream! [BAHAH arbonne plug]

i also want to share my gluten free and dairy free dinner recipes on the interwebs in case someone else is doing this and is struggling finding good things to make! 


2 chicken breasts - sliced in half length wise
1tsbp extra virgin olive oil
4-5 baby bella mushrooms - sliced
1 tsp garlic
6-8 leaves basil - chopped
1 slice lemon 
1/4 - 1/2 cup water - as needed.

put EVOO in pan along with some garlic juice - saute chicken until just about done - squeezing lemon slice over mid-way through.
add garlic, mushrooms, and basil - add water if needed - continue cooking on medium for 5-10 minutes COVERED until everything is cooked. check pan throughout cooking and add water if necessary.
season with salt/pepper if you want. i don't like salt so i just used some black pepper.

coconut/almond quinoa. 

1 & 1/4 cup silk almond milk with coconut
1 cup quinoa

[cook per package making sure not to boil over.]

it was actually pretty good all things considering. that was my first time having quinoa so i wasn't used to the texture at first but ended up really liking it!

here's to day two ... 

[also: these are my own thoughts. i was not paid or sponsored in any way by arbonne for this blog/review.]

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