October 18, 2012

apple butter

believe it or not, y'all - I have never had apple butter! well, okay, maybe I've tried it over the last [almost] 28 years but not that I can remember!
regardless, I decide to make a batch with some of the apples we picked!
OH.MY.GOSH! I am in love!!!!! & it was super easy ... I thought I messed it up by leaving my crock pot on all night but it was perfect!

I peeled, cored and chopped enough apples to fill up my crock. then drizzled with pure honey and cinnamon! I let it cook, covered for about 8hrs. then I took the cover off and let it continue to cook overnight - around 10hrs! I ran it through my blender just to make smooth and put into a mason jar. &&& taaadaaaa! amazing-ness in a jar!