October 16, 2012

rhys - one year.

i can't believe it's been a year. i know that every parents says that it goes quick - but it REALLY seemed to go quick. it seemed like you did everything early and i didn't have my little baby sooner than most. :(

BUT - despite, you are SO much fun, kid. you are typically a very happy baby and your big smile is quite infectious. you love playing, especially with your big brother. and as of lately, you two are playing so well together. 

you are not only walking but RUNNING. you love to take off running when i come to get you!

and, you are definitely devilish! ;) you know that you aren't supposed to put things [other than food] in your mouth ... you especially know that crayons, paper and wheels [to brothers cars] are off limits. so, if/when you find one ... you will hold it out in your hand and walk to me .... and then put it in your mouth and smile. as soon as i head to get you ... you squeal and take off running. it's very comical but mama always wins ;)

i did a mini update HERE with all the words you say ... because i didn't want to forget them. it seems like you are almost saying everything. kullen loves to tell you to say something [a thousand times] and hear you repeat it. 
within the last few days you've said 'apple juice' and 'kullen'. 
most of your stats and currents are on that previous update so this one will be short and sweet.

you are such a joy, kid. you are still sleeping like a champ but the doctor said because you're SO tall - that explains all the sleeping. i am enjoying the 2hrs a day that you and i get to spend together while brother is at school ;) 
i think you love having the house to yourself as well!

we love you, lil bub <3 amp="amp" font="font" gappy="gappy" happy="happy" teefs="teefs" your="your">

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Crystal Seed said...

I can't believe he is already 1!!!! That is just crazy!