October 16, 2012

obx - 2012

we visited the outer banks this summer. our family went, my mom and her husband, my mother-in-law and niece and our BFFs aubrey & ryan. on accident, we stayed in a different town as usual but it turned out to be such an exciting and fun place!

we stayed in cordova, NC. where there are absolutely NO paved roads. from the rental office, we drove down a 2 lane road until we met the beach. we drove on the beach to our house. it was such a crazy experience. luckily, a month before vacation - we realized that we had to have the 4x4 otherwise we might have been SOL when we got there! we had to do some carpooling but we made it work. there were wild horses everywhere. we saw them at least once a day. one evening, they were even in our backyard. there were also a thousand frogs. both of these kullen loved!

mr rhys wasn't exactly a huge fan of the sand though. luckily, two of our days the tide had been super high and left a big pool in the sand. rhys did enjoy that because he could sit and play in the warm water!
kullen on the other hand - loved everything about the sun, sand and water. surprised? ;)

we took turns cooking and ventured out only one night. we visited Tortugas Lie in nags head [which Guy Fiere had recently visisted] and it was great. after that we drove allllllll the way down to the end of the Outer Banks and took a ferry to Ocracoke Island. once on the island, we basically got ice cream and then jumped back on the ferry. so, we drove 2 hrs for ice cream BUT the ferry ride down was totally worth it. kullen loved it! ;)

all in all, we had a great vacation this year. it was very different and we may never visit that section again, but i'm glad to say that we did!

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