August 2, 2012

no, i'm not a total weirdo ..

that picture from yesterday ... 
yes, that WAS me in an OB office!
no, it is not old picture.
& yes, there is reason behind it. ;)
[i'm not that weird to post a picture of me during a lovely PAP. haha!]

guess who is going from little bro to big bro?! ;)

& this guy will be BIGGEST bro!

next year, i'll have a third one of these two. 
Lord, help me!

*few details*
i'm not 100% sure how far along i am. LMP puts me at [a little over] 10wks. when i was at the doctor, the baby was measuring about 2 weeks behind so he moved my EDD and his calculations would put me at [a little over] 8wks. according to my calculations, there's no way i  am 2 weeks behind, maybe 1 but not 2 - just wasn't possible. so, i am thinking that i am between 9-10 weeks. i have another sono this month and that will give us a more accurate picture of when BP#3 is really due. but for now:
baby poag #3 - edd 3/11/13

i have been feeling fine. same as other two pregnancies with no symptoms and especially no sickness [PTL!]. i am anxiously awaiting my next sono to find out more!

why did i spill so early? it's hard keeping a secret. with kullen, i announced around this time. with rhys - i waited until 12 weeks and i don't remember it being so hard? maybe because it was winter time and i wasn't around people as much? but this time, i find it hard to keep it in! and i feel like some friends already know [you know, someone tells someone who tells somsone ...] and i'd rather most hear it directly from me! 

so, secrets out blog friends! you're the first to know! ;)


Still Standing ... said...

YAY!!! Pink power :)

You will be having him/her and I will be getting knocked up!!

Jeska said...

Wow! Congrats Kaley & Poags! :)
I'm so happy for you... and sad since Rhys won't be the baby, that makes me feel like Addison won't be a baby haha. Weird feeling ;) And I kind of had a clue when you weren't drinking at play date hahah.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I made it out with the first batch of babys without crazy baby fever I pray this one coming in march doesnt make me want another one hehe!

Crystal Seed said...

Sooo exciting and I'm so happy for you!! We get to watch another baby grow!! Yay!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Awwww! That's so exciting! Congratulations!!!