August 2, 2012

thirty thangs [five]

5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now? 

1. being a SAHM. i am so grateful and appreciate that i am able to stay home with my kids, especially during the summer! after working my entire life (well, since i was like 15!) and ESPECIALLY having to leave my kids while i worked, being able to stay home with them is the most awesome thing, ever. words can't even express how grateful i am for that.

2. summer/pools! even if my little rhys doesn't do so well in the heat, i LOVE going to the pool with the kids. even if it's only for an hour or two. being outside, next to a body of water, is my total happy place. for reals.

3. friends! i really have the best of them. (and i know we all say that but i really feel that way!) i have such a diverse group of friends - each of them satisfies a (friendship) need in their own way. i'm so blessed to have so many GREAT girls in my life. 

4. my boys. there isn't words to explain how happy those kids (including the hub) make me. even after a day of attitudes and crying - at the end of the day when they snuggle and love on me - it makes it all worth while. 

5. quiet time.  - you know - after the kids go to bed every night and it's just QUIET! when i get to watch adult tv and relax 100%. ahh.

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

I'm so glad you get the chance to stay at home with your boys. I stress so bad but I wouldn't trade staying home with mine for anything in the world. I love that QUIET time too! I said something to Jon about ut last night actually!