April 4, 2012


i have to admit, at first the thought of having two boys was crazy to me. don't get me wrong - i absolutely LOVE boys and i am SO glad that i've been blessed with two but there is still that part that wishes i had a girl. 
but then there are times - like these - where i can't imagine a girl in my life. these two boys are my world and the love that they already have for each other just melts my heart!

 [so upset this one was blurry]

i can't wait until they're older and spend there days playing - and yes, even fighting - because i know that they'll always have each others backs! 


Crystal Seed said...

Oh my goodness! Those two are just the cutest! I love Rhys trying to eat Kullen's arm! Sooo cute!!

rene said...

such handsome little men. you two make good looking babes :)