April 3, 2012

rhys - 6 months!

half a year - woah! hard to believe, kid!
it's been an amazing time too! we've had our ups and downs but overall - more ups than downs for sure!

you're 6 month stats:

weight: 18lbs 3oz
height: 27.5in long!
head: 17cm

well. well. WELL. things haven't been all that great in this category. during the day, you're great. you usually take about an hour nap sometime in the morning. then another one mid-afternoon for a good two hours. but nighttime, sheesh. there for a while, you were waking up every 3 hours on the dot to eat. unnecessary for a 5-6 month old, dude. so, i finally decided to stop that. it had become habit for you and easy for me to shove a bottle in your mouth but at the end of the day (or dawn of morning!) it wasn't good for either of us. so after a few hard nights of no bottle, we're doing much better these days. you go down around 7:30-8 and usually wake up around 5:00am for a bottle. this mama can handle! you will  still occasionally wake up in the middle of the night but will go back to sleep with a little 'shhhh'ing or patting on the back.
AND - big news here - you are in your crib! we finally got a video monitor and it has helped tremendously! 

yeah, you are loud and proud, kid. you 'talk' all the time it seems! you also love to blow raspberries! you are beginning to say 'da-da' although i know you don't correlate the two yet! ;]

piggie! seriously! ;) you definitely prefer real food over bottles most days, but i can't really blame you there! i am also making your baby food which is so easy! not sure why i didn't do it with kullen! the only thing that i do not make is apples/applesauce! instead, i buy a big jar of regular, unsweetened applesauce. cheaper and easier on that note!
so food you've had:
sweet potatoes - LOVE them.
carrots - eh, you like but not a favorite!
pears - LOVE!
bananas - also love, probably your favorite. (after all, you are my child!)
avacado - eh, you tolerated. haha

you are totally showing more interest in playing these days. i've begun to sit you in your pack-n-play with a bunch of toys and you will be content for quite a while. which, is a nice break for me because you're usually only content when you're being held. UGH!
you also love to play with your older bro! you two can sit on the floor and play and you will just giggle and giggle!
speaking of, sitting .... you can do it, kid! you still topple now and then but you, for the most part, are a sitter!

you are also a roller. you have started rolling in the middle of the night which, lets face it, freaks me out and usually i will go and roll you back over even though everything says it's okay if you roll during sleep. while awake though, you'll roll on to your tummy and stay there for a little bit too! you've started wiggling your butt up too ... wondering how far away crawling is!

you can move around in your walker too! and not just backwards! i don't think brother 'walked' in the walker until like 9-10 months! hehe ;)

 you're such a little joy, kid :) everyone who comes around you, loves you and how could they not. look at that big smile!!! we are so excited to see what this next month brings for us! you show us more and more of that personality by the day! love you, bub!

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