April 4, 2012


kullen started soccer on monday! it is SO cute to see all these kids running around on the field!
the program is geared towards 3-4yo's but there were quite a few 'little' kids there too! i'm so glad she accepts them at 2 because kullen had a blast! at first, he was 'all done' but once adam got in there with him - he really got into it. he's been talking about soccer ever since! :)

[FYI: picture dump!]


Brandi Curtis said...

Love this! Its good to get them into sports at a young age. Wish my sister would take some tips from you :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Super cute! Looks like he had alot of fun!

rene said...

the first pic is going to be his famous "victory" pose. every great athlete has one. btw, you're a freaking soccer mom now!! hahaha. love ya