February 6, 2012


linking up at The Paper Mama
for a lovely REAL self portrait.
i thought of breaking out the nikon
and trying to get all fancy-shmancy
but then i realized that's NOT me.

i've been stressing over this blog lately
how no matter how hard i try, i can't seem to get in with a blog click
omg. am i in high school again?
but ya know
i have a group of friends outside of this blog
that are amazing
and even if i'm a loser in the blog world
i'm a winner in life.

so that's what my self portrait is about
the RAW me
uncut, unedited, undefined.

& abiding my chelsey's rules ;]

Obsessing over…
how much crap i need to get done (clean house, update my blog, answer emails, organize, finish laundry, get coffee, crochet, read ... )

Working on…
cleaning my house, couple crochet projects and a silhouette project as well. sheesh.

Thinking about…
how rhys has been sleeping for over 2 hours. craaaazy.

tax refund, haha.

Listening to…
omg, elmo. why is this still on when both my kids are asleep?

nada - i just ate a shaved ham, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, cucumber and casear dressing wrap. NOM.

i could be better blogger. :/


The Best of Both Worlds said...

I cannot wait for Chloe's kitty hat! And tax refunds are awesome & I always ask the same question about the tv, the kids are asleep or gone and nick jr is still always on! Hahah

Aubs said...

I actually realllllyyyy like this picture of you! It's like messy sexy hair kind of deal

Sarah Dawneé said...

Good for you!!!!

I'm from over at the link-up party. I went with a real photo too. (Which included being make-up free.)

I really like the fact that you went with the real instead of trying to make everything "just so". =)

Kathy said...

I dig it ;)

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

Hey there,

Newest follower and I found you from the Paper Mama challenge. I hear you. I would still write my blog if no one read it, but most of the time it does feel like blogging is high school all over again! There's a total mama blogger clic. I just keep doing what I do, and you should too!

Jeska said...

I really like this pic Kaley! haha.

rene said...

you're beautiful, even with your mean mug on!