February 6, 2012

on the potty ...

i am extremely proud of my kullen! :::knock on wood::: potty training has been quite an easy transition for us. 
i briefly talked of potty training here but realized that i hadn't updated in a while. 
since quitting my job - i was determined to get him totally potty trained and i'm like 95% there! 

we have braved it and taken him out of the house in big boy undies - but not on super long trips - just one store or restaurant and then back home!
he had one 'accident' when i attempted to take him and rhys to the grocery store one day but luckily, it was right when we got into the car and just a little squirt!

when we are home, he is no longer nakie. he wears 'teetee's' [undies] or pants and goes to his potty when he needs to go! 
[big boy teetees!]

friday, heather and the nuggets were over and i decided to keep kullen in undies although i knew he wouldn't want to take a break from playing to go. he had one minor 'accident' [started to go, stopped himself and finished in the potty] and after the change into dry undies, he went the rest of the day on his potty. he wanted JR to sit with him though .. JR wasn't a fan ;]

yesterday, we went to our friends for the Superbowl and brought along kullen's potty. he was in undies and we brought a change of clothes, just in case. we did not (i repeat DID. NOT.) have to use those extra. my bigs went in his potty all day long - even pooped twice! 

i think from this point on - we will be in undies. i know he CAN do it and realize that accidents will happen now and then (like when we're playing and he is having too much fun to stop and go) but that is alright. for a 2 and a half year old - he is doing AWESOME.

we are on our last box of pull ups and i don't plan on buying anymore.
we still put him in a pull up at night, just in case - but i honestly can't tell you the last time that he has woken up wet. 

oh, speaking of - here is the biggest DOWNFALL of potty training. 
he has woke up, MULTIPLE TIMES, during the middle of the night to go potty. i will take him and he will go - but then he doesn't want to go back to sleep. so at 3am, i am trying to scratch backs or put cartoons on to get him to go back to sleep! it's during those wee hours that i just want to strap a diaper on him and tell him "just go in your diaper" but i know that consistency is KEY with kullen so i suck it up. [not like i have to get up and go to work or anything, right? haha]

the PROUDEST moment though?
putting kullen in his room for nap time has become a daily routine. he used to shout 'pee pee potty mamaaa' until i would give in and go get him to pee. after a few days of that, i got another potty to put in his room. 
one day, he lead me upstairs to his room and said nap! i sat with him while he pee'd before his nap and then left him in his room. after about an hour of quiet, i decided to go check on him. i found him asleep, on his floor. i happened to look in his potty and saw pee AND poop! 
it makes me so proud to know that he pulled his undies/pants down, peed & pooped, and then went to sleep - without even yelling/asking for my assistance. i mean, yes, he didn't wipe his butt BUT i'll take that versus poop in pants or on the floor!

and even though he'll kill me one day for this:

love him :)


The Best of Both Worlds said...

YAY! Kullen is such a big boy! He is growing up!

Still Standing ... said...

Love this post!!!

Nicole said...

Love all your posts, I'm so happy I can read about the kiddos since I'm so far away. Love my Pea Poag Family and I'm so proud of KullenFACE!!!!

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