February 13, 2012

poag soap!

you've seen them all over pinterest
DIY laundry soap!
well ever since i saw them, i knew i wanted to try it out!
when i first mentioned to the hub, he said 'no thanks - i'd rather dish out the extra money for good smelling clothes'
but now that i'm not working, i think his mind has changed ;)
so, one afternoon while the kids were napping
i got to work!
[this is the PIN i used, btw]

grated my bar of soap - ivory
[that i paid .49cents for with a coupon]

put it in a pot with a gallon of water and brought to a boil

added 1cup borax and 1cup washing soda
removed from heat
[aka - poured into paint bucket]
added a gallon of cold water
mixed well 

poured/funneled into my two 1gallon containers
i also added a few drops of lavender essential oil
of course made vinyl decals using my silhouette machine to make it pretty :)
it doesn't bubble up like normal laundry soap but it definitely works!
and it cost me less than $10.00 for 2 gallons of laundry soap. 
[and i still have enough leftover for 4 more gallons!]
you definitely can't beat that!! 
thanks pinterest!


Patty B said...

I made this too and love it! Have you seen the pin for DIY fabric softener? It's my next endeavor...

rene said...

you're the bomb.com
p.s. i want to play with that silhouette machine!!!