October 18, 2011

first vs second

not really a first born versus second born battle but more of a 'differences' post.

with your first born - you're afraid to leave the room to clean a bottle, go to the bathroom or heaven forbid take a shower.
with your second - you embrace the quiet, knowing he is perfectly fine and likely sleeping in his rock n play. 

with your first born - when you DO shower - it's with the shower curtain halfway open. the other thing halfway open? your eyes - risking shampoo in the eye balls just to make sure the kid is still breathing.
with your second  - you're likely putting your first born in the shower with you so it's still not peaceful. ;)

with your first born - you change outfits every couple hours. probably with every drop of spit up or pee that gets on the clothes, or area surrounding the clothes!
with your second  - you're lucky if you have time/remember to change them from their PJs from the night before!

with your first born - you take five thousand pictures a day. i even have pictures of kullen SPITTING UP!
with your second - where is the camera? do i even have one? where is the memory card? oh, the battery is dead. i give up.

with your first born - you call the pediatrician if he spits up more than once a day or isn't pooping after a feeding when you begin to supplement formula.
with your second? you switch the type of formula you're supplementing because you got two free cans of a different kind in the mail and heaven forbid they go to waste!

with your first born - you scoop them up at the first whimper of a cry.
with your second - just because they're crying doesn't mean they need to be picked up!

with your first born - you swaddle and re-swaddle so many times, trying to ensure you've got it right.
with your second - you wrap that blanket around twice and voila - swaddle complete!

with your first born - you bathe them every day until their poor skin is falling off!
with your second - you're lucky if you remember the last time you gave them one! you can tell this by the grease accumulation in their hair ;)

with your first born - sleep when they sleep? yeah right, you spend that time just staring at them!
with your second - sleep when they sleep? again, yeah right - you also have a toddler!

i could go on and on with differences between my first and second born son but the bottom line is - with your first born - you're totally uptight and paranoid at everything! 
with your seconnd - some of that fades a bit, although for me - i'm still a little paranoid from time to time!
i often wonder what it'll be like with a third? maybe it'll just be kullen and rhys watching over him/her while mama finallllly gets some rest! ;)


MandeeFoFandee said...

I, for one, hate that all these things are a "so what" post! you should be able to say and post whatever you want without fear of being judged.

EITHER WAY, you're awesome and I loves your faaaaaace. and a peeing on the potty Kullen! high five dude!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

BAHAH I laughed outloud numerous times!