October 19, 2011

so what!


it's noon, on a Wednesday and I'm still in my pjs and rhys is still in his onsie from yesterday!

kullen has been naked for two days straight (with the exception of a 30 min trip to target and an evening at kaths)! guess who has peed and poo'd in the potty every.single.time he's had to go?! YUP! my kid ;)

kullen had pez for breakfast - that's the perk of holding your pee all night and going on the potty first thing in the morning!

I QUIT BREASTFEEDING. well mostly - I have been offering a few times a day but I don't think there is much there for him. I'm never engorged and will go hours without pumping/nursing and feel very minimal discomfort so were pretty much done - and I'm just fine with that!

i blog about my feelings sometimes and certain people don't like it. I could say what I REALLY feel and really put things on blast but i choose to be discreet trying to protect feelings and I don't even know why I care, obviously the feelings aren't mutual. tough love is a very hard concept for me but recent events are definitely making it easier!

staying home during the day has turned me into a trashy tv junkie - sister wives, anything kardashian related, 90210 and plenty of other trash!
and a bigger so what that kullen (half) watches with me!!

I tear up every time that I think about returning to work in two weeks. ugh!

I have a dishwasher full of dishes that need to be put away, a dryer full of clothes to fold, a washer full that needs to be dried and about 4 more loads to do yet I'm sitting on my iPhone typing this post! ;)