August 12, 2011

week recap and friday loves!

this week has been SUPER busy! i have literally had plans every.single.night! 

we went on our hospital tour monday evening!
as if i wasn't anxious enough
being in the hospital and l&d made it even more real!
i am loving that i only have [roughly] 5 weeks left of this pregnancy
and until i can squeeze my little baby rhys face! :)

tuesday - i had an eye appt and left with only a slightly worse 'script
that, i am lovin!
and that i will be getting 2 new pair of glasses!
brown and purple :)
of course, my current black frames are still decent so they will still be used

wednesday evening, we had maternity pictures done. 
oh. my. gosh.
i have only seen a few but i am in love.
jessica is seriously amazing. 
i cannot find words to even describe, haha!
too bad you all aren't in the MD area and can get her to take your pictures! ;]
here is a sneak peak:
i have gotten SO many compliments on this picture!
these are definitely the highlight of my week! :)
[ps: you may be able to get another sneak peek here!]

and thursday, i had a baby appointment!  :)
i love hearing his little heartbeat every 2 weeks!
& everything is going great.
my doctor is trying to urge me to get an epidural, haha! it makes me laugh!
before i left, i scheduled the last of my appointments! only 4 more to go! EK!
a little later that evening
i went over to my friends house for a little girl talk! 
we made [and indulged] in lots of food and drink :)
it was nice to be among girls and have adult conversations 
without the most terrible of two year olds screaming at me every two seconds! ;]
[just kidding: i missed him for real!]

so that was my week recap and thing's i hearted about each day!
now to the REAL friday loves ;)

my new k&a ring from olive bungalow
that arrived this week <3
don't run out and buy yours JUST yet!
hint hint: discount code coming REAL soon
and if you can't wait - email me! 
but i'll get the code posted ASAP because she's also running free shipping
until Monday, August 15th!


preseason football :)
had to pic a picture of hernandez :)
a fact [or two] you may or may not know:
he is from my [sorta] hometown of bristol, ct
he played pop warner football with my cousin, dane. 
we [kNa along w/ family] have seen him play during his high school days
on the FREEZING COLD annual central vs eastern thanksgiving day game!
i'm looking forward to seeing him play this year versus the horrible redskins.

anyway - they whooped some tail last night against the jaguars!
preseason doesn't count but hopefully it's a sign of whats to come!
lovin it <3

 i have decided to challenge myself!
 i will be entering a local craft fair in october
displaying/selling hand crocheted items! 
jessi really got me into crochet and will also be selling her adorable hats 
so i have decided to feature my coin purses/camera cases, blankets and hair accessories!
i might try and challenge myself a little more 
and feature diaper covers with matching hats - but we shall see!
wish me luck
& help me think of a cute/catching company name!

i eventually would like to open an etsy shop 
so i definitely need a name :)

it's similar to the pinterest challenge from last week!
i love looking through posts of people actually doing things they find on the internet.
it's such an inspiration!


a phone call from my dad with super kind words!
the biggest reason i do this blog is for my family 
who are unable to speak/see me and the boys on a daily basis. 
having them read and see pictures of what's been going on in our lives
is as close as we can get
and it's good to know that they not only read my babble
but LIKE and ENJOY it :)
sometimes you just need a little encouragement to get back in the game!

this website!
i'm probably late to discover
but better late than never, right?
i need some of these ideas in my life desperately.
i also need 239439 shots of espresso and the 20lb basketball tummy to deflate
in order to get it all done
but doesn't mean i won't try to do what i can!
and obviously, won't shut up about it until i do! HAHA!

the thirty-one party that i am hosting this sunday!
feel free to place an order browse the site
everything is 15% off this month!
i already have like 4 bags, a coin purse, a lunch box or two and maybe a tool bag for hub picked out!
you know, because a girl can never have enough bags ;)
[even though i'm totally NOT that girl - and have been rockin the same purse since thanksgiving 08 - you know, the knock off that i bought in NYC, out of the back of a van or was it in the basement of a perfume store? regardless ... ]

check out thirty-one, seriously. 
i was a hatin skeptic at first but definitely got my mind changed!

my boys! <3
my family <3
and my weeeeeeeeekend!

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