August 15, 2011

thirty-five weeks :)

gosh, only five weeks left, this is crazy, right?!
the crazy part is that it could be less
or more, ugh.

i really don't want to be induced this time
but i also don't want to go past my due date ...
mainly because my dad is off the entire week beginning the 19th
and i want him to be here when rhys is born
or at least shortly after!
oh well, time shall tell!

no big updates.
still working on mister rhys' room 
and thinking about packing a hospital bag, just in case!
next week - on kNa's 5 yr wedding anni - i have my last two week appt
then they start weekly!
i will also begin to get 'checked'
which will let me know if i have progressed at all! 

on to the pictures!
me now:

and me then [with kullen]:

i'm beginning to think that i'm bigger now!


Romanian Princess said...

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XoXo Nicole Mariana

Elizabeth said...

Awwww love the pictures! You are getting so close to meeting him!