August 1, 2011

a rhys sprinkle

on saturday
rhys and i were thrown a 'sprinkle'! 
i can't even put into words how AMAZING it was. 
mandee did an absolutely perfect job on everything!
most all of my friends were able to make it
and seemed to have a great time <3

we played some games, ate some food, decorated some onsies 
and just enjoyed and celebrated another poag boy who is coming soon. 
it was more than i could ever ask for! 
i am so lucky and grateful to have such great friends and family
that do so much for me!

i wish i would have gotten more pictures of me and the guests
but we did manage to take a few of big ole me
and all the wonderful, beautiful decor!

these are in no particular order
as this post is pretty picture heavy
and i'm too lazy to arrange them!

 posin' mama!
mustache mama! 
mama & papa poag! <3
me and the host with the most! 
adorable booties from auntie mandee! 

candy table :)
blue sugar dipped marshmallow pops, m&m's, rock candy, blueberry twists and cupcakes!

more candy :) 
cupcakes and cupcake toppers
HAND CUT by mandee!
beautiful and DELISH cake!
decor ;) 
candy/dessert/onsie decoration station!
veggie dipper sticks, chickfila nuggets, cucumber bites, pasta salad, turkey pinwheels and fruit kabobs! 

lemonade and jones soda bucket! 

my two new favorite addictions!

some decorated onsies hanging on the clothes line!

me and kath!

a few games:

 my piece of cake <3 

all in all, i couldn't have asked for a better sprinkle!
even though it was 'just a sprinkle'
we were SHOWERED with gifts and i am SO appreciative!
i cannot wait for my little man to be here and everyone to snuggle hims face!
and put all those ADORABLE clothes/booties/diapers/everything on him!!!


Kathy said...

I am glad you had a great shower! You deserve it! I had a great time. =D

MaMa Vaughn said...

wow, very cute! Love all the decorations! They totally went all out! :) You did an awesome job on Kullen's party too! So creative!

SV said...

So cute...Caroline's bday is this week and I might have to steal the fruit skewers idea.

MellyB said...

Sprinkles are awesome. I didn't even know they existed, but know that I do, I want one. If that means I have to have another baby, I might need time to think it over.

You look fabulous!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Kaley your shower was beautiful. I wish I could have been there. Did mandee make those slippers, they are so cute. Love you pretty girl.