August 2, 2011

droiiiid pt 2

soooo, i know i said i was going to be better at this
but obviously, i'm not! 
maybe next week ;]

until then - here is a recap of cell phone pics
from the last MONTH [roughly]
they really aren't in order because i had TONS 
and just picked a few favorites!

1. kullen in the tub - playing with elmo and making his blocks into a 'train'
2. veggies from my garden <3
3. kullen and gianna - stunnin'
4. a piece of candy that apparently my husband thought funny and took a picture with my phone!

1. kullen in his BIG BOY bed!!!
2. hiding from mama ;]
3. pit sweat. omg it's hot.
4. cheesy vamp-lookin boy!

1. cheeeeeese mama!
2. sicky cuddles are the best.
3. rhys artwork.
4. kullen artwork.

1. hat that my klepto son [accidentally] stole from old navy! :/
2. dada and kullen engrossed in harry potter probably.
3. rhys <3
4. crochet coozie thing that i made!

here's to next week:
linking up on time
properly displaying one weeks worth of cell pics
and having some goodies ;)

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