August 1, 2011

double three's!

thirty three weeks!
and things are FINALLY coming together!

mandee threw me [and rhys] a sprinkle over the weekend
and we got spoiled with goodies!
[pictures/blog to come later!]
and on sunday, adam put together all of kullen's furniture 
and we moved the 'baby stuff' into rhys' room!
i put the bedding on the crib and am very happy with it
[just need to get a more color-matching crib sheet!]

i still have lots of decorating to do to make it complete
but that surely won't take long!! ;]

this picture was taken at my shower, just a few days of 33 weeks!

this is me at 33 weeks pregnant with kullen!

bigger then? or now?

i think it's really hard to tell, because the angles are different.
i will try to get a better/matching picture of me now to compare to then!
i think i'm roughly the same size actually!

ultimately, things are going good!
with only seven [or so] weeks to go, i am not COMPLETELY miserable.
we've had horrible heat here lately and i haven't swollen one bit
which is AMAZING!
i still have the occasional pelvic pressure, usually when rising from a sitting position
and still urinating like CRAZY
but rhys is still super active in there so i know hims alright :)

aside from a few aches and pains
this pregnancy has been pretty laid back!
i have waited until the last minute on everything and slacked on so much
ahem, pictures! :(
but i have also done [or *ahem* intend on doing] things that i did not with my first!
it's true what they all say
that the first baby is a learning experience!
i feel bad for kullen but then again, i was a first child and i turned out okay ;) 
although i will love my children equally [i mean, i hope i will]
they will be different and have different things done to/with them
and they'll argue about it when they're older
and i'll laugh ;)

kullen: mom, how come you didn't take super cute pictures of me in the hospital?
rhys: HAHA kullen, that means she loves me more!
me: no boys, it means that i didn't have a super nice camera or a crochet talent when kullen was born!

i can't wait!


MandeeFoFandee said...

ahhh! only 7 weeks left?! how did that go by so fast?

I think you're around the same size as you were with Kullen!

also - I knowwww you will love your boys equally and they will know that too! :)

SV said...

That's awesome that you don't have any swelling. My feet were the size of watermelons. I actually named my kankles Karen and Karla.