July 29, 2011

fillin' in

... the blanks with lauren & crew.

1.   My favorite color is - pink. but i am LOVIN grey here lately.

2.  My travel destination of choice is  -  the beach. [almost] any beach will do!

3.  My favorite  food is  - gosh, hard to pick. i love errryything lately! chocolate <3

4.  My happy place is  - my bed <3 i love just laying on it and watching tv. could do it ALL day!

5.  My favorite saying is   -  'how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours!'

6.  My dirty little secret is  - [i was going to blog about this but haven't ... ] i often drink caffeine just to feel rhys move more! 

7.  Something friends might say about me is that I  am all over the place. haha! and maybe that i'm more fun when i'm not knocked up! ;]

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