August 24, 2011


i expected a lot more blog posts regarding the quake
maybe not everyone was as shaken [pun definitely intended] as i was!

being that i am nine months pregnant
and could possibly go into labor at any given minute of the day
when i first felt the shakes
i thought maybe it was labor time! 
i noticed the panic in my coworkers face as we sat around the lunch table 
and realized something much bigger was going on.
then the second, BIG SHAKER, occurred.

we were on the third floor of our building, in our lunch room
and it felt like the entire building was swaying back and forth
during, we all jumped up and ran into the hallway
where all our coworkers were shuffling around, panic faced 
and our boss shouted 'GET OUT NOW!'
that being said - this big mama GOT OUT!
i ran passed everyone, completely abandoning my lunch buds, and hustled down the stairs!

we convened at our meeting place and accounted for everyone
of course, i had to tell a billion people that i was alright and not in labor! ha!
we spent the next hour or so, outside roasting! 
luckily, our supervisor parks in the lot we meet in and opened up his truck
for us to sit in - these ankles needed it! ;)

they dismissed everyone from work but unfortunately for me and my lunch buds
all our stuff was at our desk, in our building
which was on complete and total lock down. LOVELY!
we spent the next couple hours, sitting on a bus stop bench
chatting about the unreal events that just occurred!

at this point, we kept hearing it could be another 5 hours before they open up our building
so i called adam from a coworkers phone and told him to come get me!
he got there around 5:30-6ish
and luckily had the spare key to my car with him, so i was at least able to drive her home!
[shh, yes i broke the law and drove without my license!]

we finally got home around 7:30 and i was BEAT. 
even though i didn't do MUCH 
sitting out in the heat and stressing about a freakin' earthquake 
sure does take a lot out of a girl! especially a big pregnant one!

so, that's my quake story!
luckily, everything at my house was alright
a few things fell off shelves but nothing major!
i'm back at work today, even though there are huge cracks inside and outside of my building.
i feel like with every step that i might further a crack 
and cause the entire building to crumble! 
pray for me ;)

so, where were YOU and what's YOUR story!

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Kathy said...

I was home holding the fish tank =D