August 24, 2011

... on the boob

touchy touchy subject, aye?
especially here in the blog land.
see, a lot of us bloggers, are women and/or mothers
and passionate ones we are. 
so many people get into blogging to express their opinions 
and write about details of their lives that can be, somewhat, personal. 

i have read many of blogs on breastfeeding
and the opinions that each writer has can vary but basic is that 
'breast is best'
yes, we all know.

but, let's be honest here
it's not in the cards for everyone.
yeah, i know it's 'natural' to breast feed
back in the old days, before milk existed [ha] all they had were boobs
ETC ...
but, shouldn't it be ones personal choice to breastfeed or not
some people just may not feel comfortable with it.
doesn't mean they're horrible or any less of a mother/woman/human than the next?

that being said, i did breast feed kullen for all of 3 days
then i was discharged and he was not.
they had no choice but to give him bottles and when he was finally home
he wanted no part of breast feeding.
sure, i'm sure if i kept at it and didn't give him to my 6 day old screaming newborn
it would have worked
but being a first time mother, having your child SCREAM in hunger
was horrid for me.
i felt it better to feed him something than keep shoving a boob in his mouth if he didn't want it
i continued to pump for a few weeks and eventually switched to formula. 
the kids alright. 

with rhys, i do plan on breastfeeding again.
i'm hoping for no issues [baby being kept/me being dischaged]
and i'm sure if that's the case
things will go smooth as buttah!

i have issues.
i have read more than one post lately about breastfeeding
and weaning
and the obsession it becomes
and it almost makes me sick
i don't want to become one of those mothers
who is OBSESSED with breastfeeding
and won't wean because THEY don't want too
they put their wants before their children
i know there is nothing wrong with breast milk past the age of one
i just personally couldn't imagine breast feeding a one year old.
i feel like you're giving your kid a boobie complex at that point. 
maybe i'm totally wrong in that department
i wish there were studies on weird kids
and the correlation to the fact they were probably breastfed past the age of one.
[don't kill me breastfeeding parents of children over age one!]

again, these are just MY opinions here
but these post have scared me and almost make me NOT want to breastfeed
simply because i don't want to become obsessed with it.
and maybe i won't. 
maybe i'll breastfeed for six months and that'll be it
maybe i won't at all? 
maybe i'm judgy  [and believe me, i hate to use that term because i HATE to judge]
because i haven't had the AMAZING experience that some have had
and maybe once i do, i will fall in love with it?
i just don't know
nor do i see myself as that type of person. 
and furthermore, i don't WANT to be that type of person.
i feel like that type of person ends up being so PRO breast
that they degrade and belittle those that don't choose breast
and being on the other side of that, it doesn't feel good at all.

so, i may or may not update about my boobs in the future!
regardless, i'm going to give it a try.
i know that breast is best
there doesn't have to be any convincing me
it's natural and being that we had a few issues with kullen and formula
once we switched
i will try to do it for as long as i can 
but please, someone slap me if i become one of those women
who has a near two year old that still nurses! 


MandeeFoFandee said...

"i feel like that type of person ends up being so PRO breast
that they degrade and belittle those that don't choose breast"

THIS is what pisses me off about those people that you're talking about. there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding your child. there is nothing wrong with formula feeding your child. personally, I support FEEDING children, no matter how it's done. it's a shame that there have to be posts like this because there is so much controversy on how women choose to care for THEIR children.

you will get into a groove with Rhys just like you did with Kullen, whether it be through your boob or a bottle. and if anyone judges you over YOUR choice, I will kick them in the face.

love love! ;)

icepicked said...

'breast is best'
well as your father I agree with your comment..... copied and pasted above..... but I will also add It is your choice hun..... Why is it that women who are all into breast feeding wont even let their man near their breast ???? I guess I should stop before there is another blog conversation..... hahaha

Steph said...

Your Dad may be the coolest guy ever. I'm dyinggggg over here!! hahahaha!!!