June 17, 2011

mumbo jumbo

sorry i don't have a 'friday loves' post this week
i just have entirely too much going on!

i am overwhelmed with emotion this week, actually.
my boy is going to be TWO on sunday. 
TWO. 2! ah! 
it's so bittersweet
i'm so excited that he is growing up into such a fun kid
but i am sad that my baby is gone. 
moments that we JUST had, not long ago, of him as a baby
are gone and i'll never get them back!

eh, before i cry ... 
i have been oober busy with his birthday stuff.
ran into a few speed bumps 
but it'll be alright!
imperfection is beauty, right?!

i'm also still oober addicted to the casey anthony trial! 
defense is up so it's quite interesting!
baez (casey's atty) is a big piece of crap
with his scoffs and sideways grins
but i can't stop watching/listening! 

i started a post about recent 'drama' in my life
but haven't posted it.
it's mostly settled down now but i still feel i have a lot to say
but don't know if i want to say it to those involved
there have been times before where i have been hesitant to post on MY blog
for sake of other's feelings
but i think those moments have passed.
this is MY blog and MY feelings and despite what anyone thinks
we'll see if i post about it or not!

i'm super excited to see my dad and sissy this weekend!
i haven't seen my sister in MONTHS 
but it seems like YEARS :( 
i'm excited for kullen to see them and vice versa!

i have a lot of blogs that i want to get posted
one in particular about drugs and church
(anyone rolling their eyes?)
don't worry
it's not judgey or anything like that
just random thoughts on the two and how they correlate. 

i have to updated on kullen's appointment at children's hospital
which was really nothing 
but will still update everyone!

rhys has been a pain lately, literally.
i will post more next week but i had to go to my doctor earlier this week
because i could hardly walk! 
it's gotten better though, so PTL for that!

i will also have kullen's TWO year post eventually
right now i'm so wrapped up in birthday plans
and the fact of him just turning two alone
that i can't find the time to sit down and write a post about the last two years of my life. 
ah, emotional ellie over here! 

probably won't hear much from me this weekend
as on top of kullen's birthday party tomorrow
i'll have my dad, robin and sissy here
father's day!
*which, i am slackin' on*
and i feel awful about it because i did make a tiny stink on mother's day
when adam's didn't go above and beyond for me! 
but then again, he had no excuse as our son wasn't turning TWO the same day!

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

I look forward to reading all these post! Including your vent post if you post it! My family now hates my blog btw. It's a big family discussion when im not around! I say go with what you feel. People just need to learn how to better handle the truth and the honesty from good people.