June 24, 2011

kullen - two years old!

while i'm sitting here at work, awaiting the casey anthony trial to begin, i figured i'd finallllllly post about my boy being 2! 
[yeah, i know - 99% of the time i have the best job on the world. time to do anything i want - blog, facebook, watch stupid trials - the husband asks me on a daily basis '... and you want to quit this job why??'. yah, i dunno dude. i like my kid more than sitting at my desk for 8hrs playing around i guess!]

so, TWO huh.
TWO year old stats:
weight: 28lbs 10oz - and that hasn't fluctuated at all, in months.
height: 36inches. holy 3 feet kid!
clothes: 2t/3t mostly - daddy likes 'baggy' over 'fitting' so 3t for SOME things!

show: gabba [obv], elmo, backyardigans
toy: any truck, train, plane or bus! 
word: hand, lately. you will come over to one of us and say 'hand' and take us to where/what you want.
person: mama ;]
activity: the pool. or just being outside in general.
clothes: none. you prefer to be 'nakey'.
food: cheese!
song: wheels on the bus or twinkle, twinkle.

i could spent an eternity writing about things you do and say because these days you seem to be doing it ALL. you will repeat just about any word and love to mimic what anyone does! 

you are definitely not potty trained yet but are getting better by the day. anytime you poo, you defintiely let me know, even if it's mid act. and yes, you want to run to the potty to ... finish.
peeing is a completely different story. you have only gone in the potty a handful of times. you will hold your pee [when running around nakey, which is often] until the last minute and then pee on the floor. you understand it's not the right thing to do but for whatever reason haven't grasped to go on the POTTY just yet. 

you still prefer showers over baths and it's completely fine with me because you will climb out of the tub but don't bother to open the shower curtain and climb out when in the shower! you'd probably be content in the shower for hours at a time, even without a single toy! you will lay on your tummy and slurp the water up [gross] or sit down and let the water fall on you! 

your imagination is growing by the multitudes, dude! it's hilarious! you will give us 'bites' of things, not forgetting about yourself! all i have to do is say 'can i have a bite?' and you'll put your fingers together, as if you're holding something, and put it to my mouth. you crack up when i 'take a bite' and chew! usually you'll then give yourself a bite and mimic what i'm doing!

you love to be rough with dada! you'll climb all over him like you're a monkey and giggle the entire time! and when dada pretends to be 'hurt' and cries - you will either fall down and do the exact same or say 'ohhhh nooo!' and continue to climb all over him, as if that'll make it better! i enjoy watching the two of you goofballs!

you love to stack things up and knock them over screaming 'OH NOOOO' really loud! i think it's the cutest thing, minus all the noise! ;]
you also love to line up your cars/trucks and push them as if it were a train. you even provide great sound effects most of the time! 

like i said before, i could go on and on for days with this post!
i'll just say that you're everything and nothing of what i expect for a 2 year old! 
you amaze me daily with the things you do and say. i never expected you to be so smart and funny at two years old!

your strong-willed personality is exactly what i expected being that you are MY child! i have my hands full and sometimes don't know how i will deal with you plus another but i'm so thankful and lucky to have you and your awesome personality.  i can't imagine you any other way! 
i love you dude, more than you'll ever know! 

i'll end with this PERFECT quote/picture
that i WILL be making for you!
[i'm not sure where this originally came from but it's floating over pinterest!]


Diana said...

Awww that post was so sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KULLEN!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

That was a great post.Pictures and words from your heart. I love the poster sayings. Love Ya.