June 27, 2011


linking up with amy lee 
i haven't participated in a few weeks but i swear i'm going to start making this a weekly thing! especially since jess has posted a few awesomeeee photo apps for the droiiiiiid users!
so, here are a COUPLE weeks worth of cell pictures!

1. me and my sweet boy!
2. kullen helping us clean the house!
3. kullen and hims dada playing in the pool.
4. gloved and hatted boy, scootin around the house!

1. me and my sweet boy [again!]
2. one of the cucumbers from my garden - gettin' big!!!
3. me :) 
4. sleeping birthday boy!

1. 27ish week belly shot. check out that belly button.
2. the condensation on my windshield looked like a mustache! ;]
3. kullen's 'happy birthday' banner [and him sleepin in the back!]
4. me and my boy, again. notice the stickers all over his face! HAHA

1. resting my cereal bowl on rhys belly at work!
2. kullen sleeping/drooling on hims dada.
3. cheesy boy - literally.
4. kullen's 'big boy' bed!

**disclamier: i realize my pictures are CRAPPY. it's not me, it's the stupid droid 2, seriously. the droid X has amazing picture quality [hubby has one] and i'm super jealous i got stuck with the one droid that has a crappppppy camera! ugh**


The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love all the photos. The one with the banner is cute! & yay for big boy bed!

Amy Nielson said...

love these! my belly button totally popped out at 26 weeks. so cute!! :)